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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  May 28, 2012 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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him to hi, everybody, i'm beth troutman. it's monday and time for some great videos, right this minute. claw marks from a wild animal after a man is attacked on a camping trip. >> he was on the [ bleep ]. >> what? >> you'll find out where and why he'll never live this one down. remember that race car driver being poisoned by carbon monoxide? now he reveals more about the harrowing video. >> did doctors tell you how close dying you were? >> well, i heard that i was dead. >> that was not a fare, and this was not supposed to happen. >> but the bear kept climbing up the tree. >> see the rush to get him down before he wakes up.
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and scooters run over something in the road. >> is that like a hose? >> it's a utility line. >> which leads to the clothesline move on one rider. >> is she okay? >> stop. just enjoy a good fail for what it is. it's time to get our show started. and steven has our first story. >> take a look at this video from cbc news in canada. and more importantly, check out this guy's back. this is 65-year-old gord shervelle from manitoba. gord was attacked by a black bear. but listen to this. guess where gord was when he was attacked by the bear? >> camping in a tent. >> he was on the can in an outhouse. >> what? >> oh. >> he grabbed my pants, and down around my ankles, and that was the start and then he just kept coming. >> gord was camping and fishing at a cabin in ontario, canada.
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he was in the outhouse and had the door open because he said he wanted to just enjoy the morning view and probably also get rid of some of the smell? >> it was a beautiful morning, and i was sitting there, enjoying, looking out there. >> he went in the outhouse, grabbed gord by his shoulder, neck and arm and pulled him into a nearby bush. and was on top of him. the whole time gord is screaming "danny, danny, danny" to his friend of 55 years, dandy alexander. danny had a sense something was wrong, so he ran outside with the gun. >> the bear dropped gord and turned towards me. >> danny shot the bear in the head, kid the bear. >> glad that i was there. if i hadn't been there, i don't know what would have happened. >> of course, gord didn't walk away without some injuries. listen to him describing the moment to cbc news. >> he dropped my shoulder and then went for the back by my neck. and then the teeth on my skull, crunching bones is what it sounded like. >> he was taken to the hospital
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and released, but you can see, in good spirits and obviously survived something that could have been worse. gord went on to say next time he's in the outhouse, he's going to shut the door. have an update for you about the guy who passed out on the racetrack the other day in finland. he spun out, he seemed to be unconscious when he pulled off to the side of the track, and was pretty much just lying in his car motionless. four rescuers were able to break the window and get him out. the rules on the racetrack in finland require all the windows in the car be rolled up. if the windows are down, the racer gets black flagged and that means they take him off the track. turns it was carbon monoxide poisoning that nearly killed sam. here to tell us how he miraculously survived a near-death experience is the driver himself, "right this minute." can you describe exactly what happened and how this happened? >> exhaust manifold was broken,
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and leaked into the driver's cabin, and started to fiddle with my mind and i passed out. >> rescuers had to break the window to get in. why were the doors locked? >> an automatic door locking system, automatically locks the door. >> what happened after the cameras stopped rolling? >> they started to give me cpr. they gave me a mask on my face, started and that's when i found out i had 67% carbon monoxide in my blood. >> did doctors tell you how close to dying you were? >> well, i heard after that i was dead for roughly a minute or so. because i had had to be given cpr. >> sam, will you be worried the next time you hit the racetrack? will you race again? >> of course i will race again. motor sports is in my blood. there is no way i can stop. it's an unbelievable crime. it happened in observer land,
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ohio, where someone stole a 1-year-old puppy from an animal shelter. this is the oasis animal shelter, and that's where the pickuper was stolen from. and the whole thing was caught on tape. this happened a week ago saturday. according to the president of the oasis animal shelter, this man you see here on tape came to the fence, lifted it up and sadie walked out and he took her away. what. >> does it normally cost to adopt a dog from the shelter? >> they say it's about $100 to adopt a dog. apparently this person didn't want to pay the fee. >> i hope this guy is treating the dog fairly and kindly, he might steal it and try and sell it and make money. >> president of the oasis shelter said she realized she was gone and said let me check the security video, and that's when she caught what happened. >> maybe guilt will get the best of this guy and he'll bring the dog back. >> the interesting thing, they said they just want the dog back, and they will not press charges. if they get her back.
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>> kind of seems to be the best pur have aer of, what were you thinking videos. these motorists are driving down the street in china. and look at the middle of your screen. >> is that a hose? >> it's a utility line. >> oh, because you can see, all the way up to the wall. >> motorcycles are going right over it. minding it. except -- >> oh! >> whoa! >> one side of that utility line gets tightened, and then the poor woman on this motorcycle is yanked. >> this is like an indiana jones booby trap. >> the worst part is her friend kept driving off. maybe should have put a sign up or something that says don't go over this. she slied.okded on her head. is she okay? >> not only does she flip like a cartoon, she also is stuck. look. she can't even move.
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>> she got like hog tied from it, too. >> her arm is stuck to her motorcycle. >> oh, my god that, is so awesome. >> is she okay? >> stop, just enjoy a good fail for what it is. according to the producers of this video, she only suffered minor injuries. >> this is a video i can watch over and over and over again. there she goes. >> feel bad for her, though. fred armson has a challenge for you. >> make a video following seven rules for his project, be serious for 30 seconds. >> i think we should probably give this a try. >> see what his challenge is all about, and then see our video that we submitted. and a party gets a visit from some unexpected guests who just wanted a beer. >> but these beer guzzlers were of the bovine kind. >> the story of the partying cows, next.
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it's a whole different perspective from what we saw. gary connery, the wingsuit flier who landed without a parachute. and we saw a guy flying behind him with a camera. here is that perspective. he was landing in 18,000 cardboard boxes. when you see what he had to land on, it looks even scarier. look at gary. >> whoa. >> oh, wow. >> see? >> go, gary. i love it. >> i would have liked to have ten more columns. >> so you 180,000 boxes. >> right. >> come on. >> more this way and that way. because he was actually at least two-thirds of the way down the line of boxes before he actually made impact. >> i would have landed in, like, marshmallow. >> i think maybe like pudding. just go in -- >> cotton candy. >> cotton candy would be nice.
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>> he had to jump out of the helicopter at exactly the right moment and kind of figure out how he was going to glide and maneuver. this is a challenge. especially given how tiny that landing strip was. >> think about the camera guy. had he to keep this guy in focus himself and land after he got gary landing in the boxes. after that, it's like, o i've got to take care of myself. >> truly, they had some math involved. knew what they were doing. gary was 2,400 feet off the ground when he took the feet of lane. >> you see the wingsuit, struggling against the current. he looks like a bird. a little problem caught up in the tree in steamboat spri s springs, colorado. black bears are native to colorado, and this bear was in a residential enabled. so neighborhood. so the department of wildlife tranquilized the bear, but the bear kept climbing the tree and got stuck in the branches. look at the firefighters spring into action.
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deployed their ladder, and it was up to the firefighters to give this bear a little nudge. >> yeah. >> what did he fall into? >> he fell into the bush? >> didn't even bring out -- he kind of gets out of the way as if he didn't know a giant black wear was bear was on the way. >> bear had a heck of a saturday. that must have been a crazy night. >> still photographs were taken, so you can see the bear almost fall in slow motion. >> and he's going head-first! >> there he goes. >> aw, i feel bad for the bear. >> rude awakening. >> so was he okay? did he make it. >> the bear is okay, and the colorado division of wildlife, they are taking this bear to an area outside of the residential area. they're going to release him back into the wild. hopefully they had one of these sheet things the firefighghrs hold outside of windows and it was hidden by the bush. >> yeah, the one they were
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holding looked just like a bush. like something had been there the whole time. >> oh! youtube video makers of the world, fred armison has a challenge for you. >> hi, i'm fred. i'm doing a project called be serious for 30 seconds. >> he has a challenge to youtubers to make a video, and there are seven very important rules. >> it has to be serious. 30 seconds or less. can have no more than two people in it, at least one five-second dromic pause. one object. do your best acting job possible. >> he says this is not a competition. but, you know, just to drive home the point, he did provide an example. >> hey, did y tell jenny she >> yeah, is that okay? >> not okay. i don't want her to think she can stay whenever she wants. >> well, she's my cousin. >> well, my cousins can't stay over whenever they want. i need my own space, my own living situation where people aren't staying over all of the time. >> well, i'm not you.
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>> there's your dramatic pause. >> i'm going inside. >> you have to be at -- >> i think we should probably give this a try. i think we owe it to fred. we used his video, so let's make a video for him. >> right. >> i think i'm just going to skip lunch today. i gained like four pounds over the weekend. >> this came from this awful place called the pasta bake. i would love to take you there. >> i wouldn't want to go to a pasta buffet. >> if you cared about me at all, you would go to the pasta buffet. who doesn't want to go to a pasta buffet! >> i don't want to go to a pasta buffet. i'll just put this -- >> you look like you gained four pounds. ♪ the mansome guy is back. >> and he is more mansome than
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ever. >> ahhh! >> see the movie that's all about how to be a man. >> 3, 2, 1, launch grandma. >> did they test drive this thing before they let their grandma go? >> see what happens when grandma gets the green light.
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some beer guzzlers crashed a party in boxford, massachusetts, but these beer guzzlers were of
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the bovine kind. >> what? >> so some recent college grads were just having a party in their backyard when six cows showed up for a drink. >> they said where's the party? they thought they were invited. >> i can't blame them. you know? i'm sure beer to a cow is as tasty as it is to you and me. >> the girl's whose house this was went inside to tell her dad. >> she said, dad, there is a cow outside in the backyard. i said that's it, party is over. >> if you look, you can see how close they were. >> they were all in a line, ready at the table. >> they enjoyed it. no doubt about it. they went right for the beer and when one was done, they knocked it over and took care of that beer. >> some neighbors were spooked. one woman called 911. >> i'm scared, and i have about six cows in my yard. i don't own cows. >> the police showed up, along with the owner of these cows. >> well, it was a cow-ui,
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obviously. >> who knew that humans and cows could enjoy the same beverage and share one together? >> they did wroangle these cows back to their original home without anymore beers. >> wake up the next day, and say, man, that was a heck of a party. i think there were cows there. [ mooing ] ♪ doggy workout. ♪ mr. movember, adam, is back, and more mansome than ever. >> ahhh. >> back in a comedic
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documentary. >> i wish i had your manly voice. >> give me something with some meat on its bones, like aqua velva. >> as you can see, jason bateman, will arnett. >> the question they ask, what does it take to to be a man? they get into facials and shaving. but, of course, the mustache. >> you've got to wear the mustache. >> so, guys, it's time. >> i feel like yosemite sam a little bit. facial hair grows in a different color. we have adam garone v himself. ta-da! >> tell us about this movie. >> it's about masculinity and grooming, and what it means to be a man in the current day and age. >> what do you think works best for my face? >> a hood.
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>> what does men's grooming habits go too far? >> there's a whole segment on man scaping, there's limits around that. >> how has your life changed since all of this happened? >> i wake up each morning and sort of think somehow on the way here, my life has become about a mustache. it's surreal. >> was the november challenge more successful and bigger than you expected? >> yeah, last year we had 860,000 rise to the challenge. across the globe raised $125 million. it makes movember by far one of the biggest funders of prostate cancer programs in the world. what. >> does it take to be a man? >> it all starts with this. >> ah. >> a little bit more about men reclaiming their masculinity, being more of a gentleman. >> look good to meet a woman or try to look good so the woman doesn't run away. >> we want you to tell us which your favorite mustache is. >> the handle bar, the trucker
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there. >> i'm going for the handle bars. >> thank you so much, adam. >> it's all about the must attaches come this november, though. he was the young cat with his legs on backwards. >> his back legs are twisted kind of like a corkscrew. >> his comeback, next time on "right this minute." ♪ does this polar bear remind you of anyone? >> all he needs is a bowl of doritos, six-pack of beer or [ male announcer ] what if we told you
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this one is for all the adrenaline-loving, nitro circus junkies out there, this is live. this video takes place at a competition. on his bmx bike is matt wyatt attempting to complete a back flip 360. >> a little nervous. >> difficult move. >> we have to see it to know what it is. >> oh! >> and he lands it! he did it. >> so there's the tail whip, and then at the last second -- >> a 360. >> and barely brings it around. his back tires land just as he brings it back around from the 360. >> he's attempted this before, but never landed it. and in doing so, basically scored a world record. >> it's the world's first.
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>> and at the very end, just jumps to his buddies and they're like yeah. >> i like hopped a curb once. he does those lazy sunday afternoons, where you just sit around and just kind of scratch. >> yeah. >> polar bears do this too. >> eat chips. >> check this guy out. >> he is scratching. he made himself a dirt lazy boy. >> comments on the youtube post. people believe it's seaweed that he's lying in. put this up, a website that inspires people to protect the ocean. and the polar bear here is sort of an ambassador to say leave me alone, protect me. >> all he needs is a little bowl of doritos, six-pack of beer or soda. >> and a remote. >> that would be sweet. >> probably ice hockey or maybe curling. >> i like thinking that he made that for himself. like, you know, this -- no, too cold to lie on. i'm going to have to make myself a little more comfortable.
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>> lazy boy, totally chilled out. that. >> looks like me on a saturday. >> i could chill with that polar bear. water sports on the lake with family and friends is fantastic. >> and especially fun if grand ma gets involved. check this out. >> oh, boy. >> oh, my goodness. >> holy cow. >> somebody said, hey, let's get a jet ski, make a ramp with some plastic, put grandma on a push board and pull her so she can jump into the water. >> did they make grandma go first because she was the oldest? because she was in the air -- coming down the slide, and you see her smack on to the ramp before she launches. watch. there. >> whoa! >> that wasn't a very smooth transition. >> i think it's kind of fun that grandma was really even attempting it. >> i just wonder, man, did they test-drive this thing before
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they let their grandma go, or did they say grandma, you're the oldest, if this kills you, well, you had a good run anyway. >> it's fun when grandma wants to participate. thanks so much for joining us. that's it for rtm. see you next time, everybody. that's it for rtm. see you next time, everybody. ♪ -- captions by vitac --
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